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LES ESCUS DES ARMES is a software heraldic design coats of arms, arms (or arms), developed for Windows, agreed on Apple systems from version 8.

LES ESCUS DES ARMES working with images in BMP format, which enables it to offer custom designs richer than the drawings using the vector format (traits consistent and solid colors). However, it is possible to simulate the vector drawing using their paddle-neck flat.

Over 110 functions arranged in menus 11 can perform most operations haitées often with this type of software, but we are well aware that updates are always necessary, additional features, increasing the number of drawings, etc. . What we offer free of charge for minor changes or additions to the speaker output of new versions.


A coat of arms consists of a field partitioned or not, parts and furniture and a form of shield, all of which can be added, replaced, hidden, and deleted at any time.

Each image can be independently positioned and resized directly on the screen or setup, modified, cut, colored, visible or hidden, or placed before the background.

The composition of arms follows the same logic: the size of the working area is freely chosen by cons.

The drawings

4080 drawings in VTG format: without loss of quality (improved vector).

6860 drawings: 5060 with furniture arranged in 158 folders, with file access and direct access by keyword.

Drawings from the 5500 Armorial General of France from 1696 to Hozier, using examples: modulus integrated search.

Import designs stored in one of the nine most common formats (tif, bmp, gif, psd, wmf, etc.)..

33 forms of shield, 310 partitions, 382 rooms, 108 edges (for 5 types of shield), 5060 Furniture (4 sizes), 315 ornaments external positioning guides 104, 166 patterns and scattered distribution.

The drawing module
Allows you to directly edit each partition, room and furniture, by adding features (eg creation of a "one in the other") designs and colors (editing an outline, etc.).. It allows so aus-cut parts of a drawing (in the example of creating a half ...: half eagle, half lily, etc.).
The coloring module

Each drawing is added to the coat of arms associated with a mask to identify areas of colorectal and worst areas to make transparent. These areas are delimited by a black contour: each zone can be colored independently.

10 pallets are available: color (7) and Hatch (3 - burning mode) and the possibility of using solid colors of the system. A range can store personal its own colors.

The "planted" and distributions can be created with this module from the templates provided.

Built-in palettes and personal.

The module filters

The filter module allows for custom effects by altering the shape of the shield, shadows and lighting effects applied to the ECU, by applying a texture (image used in the background), shadows and blurs to features from images comprising the image. All these effects are pa-rameters (intensity, etc.)..

These filters do not alter the designs and can be applied or removed at any time.

Libraries (unlimited number) provide direct access to his own drawings, which must be stored in folders and subfolders. Access is made immediately, as if they were built drawings. You can import them without additional handling and use them as drawings incorporated into the software. Automatic indexing.

Armorial module
LES ESCUS DES ARMES provides the ability to create and manage as many as desired armorial, which include text describing the crests (coat of arms), and the associated drawings.


The drawings are saved as PTG (which preserves all the images in the drawing).

Recording formats JPG, BMP and GIF is proposed in order to use them in other programs.


Printing can be set shields. It will consider drawing on the screen, regardless of the images that have been temporarily or permanently hidden.

The macro-commands are used to perform a complete operation identical change in the shape of the shield, cleaning (removal of masked images), etc..


In French, Portuguese (Brazilian) and German. Many exercises handling of multiple functions.
Other versions marketed
Tiny versions: no imports or ancillary functions, limited numbers of drawings. These versions can achieve many of the drawings shield: LES ESCUS DES ARMES Amateur.